Let’s dance PDF

This article does not cite any sources. Let’s Dance let’s dance PDF is the sixth season of the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing, and was broadcast on the Swedish television channel TV4 starting on January 7, 2011. The first week did not eliminate any couple, instead it was announced who was in the bottom two going into Week 2.

Since Week 1 was a non-elimination week, Week 2 featured a combined score of both Week 1 and 2, which was used in the final standings. Ann Wilson was unavailable to judge the show, so scores were out of 30 points. The celebrities and professional partners danced one of these routines for each corresponding week. Dermot Clemenger, Isabel Edvardsson, Ann Wilson and Tony Irving.

Dermot Clemenger, Isabel Edvardsson, and Tony Irving. The table below lists the order in which the contestants’ fates were revealed. The order of the safe couples does not reflect the viewer voting results. This couple came in first place with the judges.