Michel Vaillant, tome 19 : Cinq filles dans la course PDF

Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the comics series. This article michel Vaillant, tome 19 : Cinq filles dans la course PDF additional citations for verification. Michel Vaillant is a French comics series created in 1957 by French cartoonist Jean Graton and published originally by Le Lombard.

Depuis 1957, Michel Vaillant nous fait vivre la passion automobile avec un réalisme stupéfiant. Ami et confident des plus grands pilotes, Jean Graton a construit ses histoires sur un fond de vérité, toujours à la pointe des sports mécaniques. Pour ses lecteurs, Michel Vaillant est devenu, au fil de ses nombreuses aventures, plus qu’un héros : un véritable ami, fort, loyal et courageux.

The feature first appeared in Tintin magazine, where Jean Graton had already published a number of short stories about real-life sporting heroes. The series appeared in Tintin between 1957 and 1976, in France as well as in Belgium. On February 7, 1957, Jean Graton created the character Michel Vaillant, with five short stories published in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Tintin, with publication beginning June 12, 1957. Jean Graton later left the writing to his son Philippe, gradually leaving the artwork to the Studio Graton, which he established. Since Graton stopped drawing the series himself, the graphic style has evolved, with Philippe Graton continuing with the writing and three artists providing the artwork. Vaillante is a family-run French business which, in the beginning, was a transporting company. They also create their own trucks and cars and so decide to enter Formula One racing competition.